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Text Box: Garehime Elementary School - This micro-community which opened in August, 1998 used Integrated Thematic Instruction (ITI) and emphasized the use of the lifeskills.  Learning was accomplished through the effective use of the BodyBrain Compatible Components and the understanding of the Multiple Intelligences.  Combining with MicroSociety®, this school became a true “model school” from 1998 - 2008.  Through the guidance of Mrs. Summers, the teachers at Edith Garehime Elementary were empowered to develop a truly unique learning environment in which the students created their own businesses known as ventures and agencies. It is a tribute to the ongoing dedication of these teachers that allows this program to continue today.  Mrs. Summers retired as principal after 10 years at Garehime Elementary and 35 years as a teacher, consultant and principal with the Clark County School District.
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